Pu La Deshpande

PL DeshpandePL Deshpande

Making Magic from the Mundane

Born and brought up in Mumbai in a simple Goud Saraswat Brahmin (caste) household, P. L. Deshpande was a talented author, musician, singer, musicologist, stage performer, stage and film artist and director.
There are many who have mastered Marathi language, few who have made their mark in Marathi literature as true entertainers. Without mocking the mediocre, resorting to sleazy slapstick and conjuring up atrocious fantasies, P. L. consistently had his audience rolling in the aisles and readers smiling, including his critics. Like all sensitive artists, although his art was affected by the major politico-economic-social upheavals that India was going through during his lifetime, especially during the peak period of his career, it never stained his work. There are references to economic challenges, generation gaps and difficulty in coping with the changing times – all extremely poignant subjects – however all of his books, plays talk about happiness and have a very positive effect.
He himself describes the purpose of his life philosophically – a note to readers at the beginning of his book “Hasavnuk” loosely translated from Marathi -
Caught between birth and death, is the charade that we call life. So what better purpose can be there for this life then, other than to make people laugh?
Birth score – 4/5
Pride score – 5/5
Overall NB score – 9/10


Birth Score – 4/5

Pride Score – 5/5
A very impressive 9/10 Notable Brahmin Score.


Ravi Paranjape

ravi paranjape

Ravi Paranjape

“A mediocre scene from everyday life becomes a magical masterpiece in his hands.”

Ravi Paranjape is a Koknastha Chitpavan Brahmin  (caste).

Born in Belgaum, Ravi Paranjape moved to Mumbai initially to study and then to work . In the early 1990’s, he chose to make Pune his home for good.

His contribution to the world of illustrations, architectural renderings and portraiture was appreciated by the CAG HALL OF FAME Award from the Communication Arts Guild in 1995. He also received the Dayavati Modi award in 1996.

Ravi Paranjape’s work has been admired and collected by art lovers around the globe.

Over the last forty years, Ravi Paranjape has built a wide reputation as a master artist.

See his work here - http://www.raviparanjape.com/docs/gallery.htm

Ravi Paranjape Foundation was established in early 1998 with a mission to recognize worthy yet unrecognized veteran artists whose contribution to the art and society has either been overlooked or has remained obscure. The foundation also awards Gunijan Kala Puraskar & The Ravi Paranjape Yuva Kalakaar Puraskaar every alternate year. For more information please visit the website.

He is on our list of Notable Brahmins as a very successful & talented Artist. You have to see his work on to believe it. Its that good!

Birth Score – 4/5
Pride Score – 4/5
An impressive 8/10 Notable Brahmin Score.