The Brahmin community has a fair share of famous people.

The Brahmin community except for the Boston Brahmins has originated from India. There are about 40 million in India. In the past few decades quite a few (few thousands) have migrated to USA,  Canada and many other countries. This website is an effort to create brief bios of all famous people belonging to the Brahmin community.

I have started with only a couple of profiles and have tried to add people from various backgrounds such as Sports, Business, Artists and Actors. My eventual goal is to add as many bios as possible.

This site is meant to be global and not regional. So I will refrain from using regional adjectives in my bio.

Most of the research related to bios has been done online and if there are any mistakes in the info please feel free to let me know.

I also welcome suggestions for bios to feature. You can use the suggest form for this.

This website is NOT intended to make any political / religious / casteist statements of any kind. I will also not be suffering fools / trolls and hence have kelp the comments section closed. This site is meant only for open minded people – brahmin or not.